Ideas on making space for as wide a range of users as possible. On enabling participation in public life. On addressing inherent conflicts. On manifesting the possibilities and the joy of living together in a city.


The Moving Corridor
Child in the City
Let's Talk About Darmstadt Pt II
The Companionable Bench
The Extended Bauhaus
Home Comforts on the Move
Toward New Spitalfields
The Proprietor
A Street To Draw On
A Car-free London?
Fairer Futures
Is it Play?
Peripheral Vision
Designing Empathy
Inside Out
Look Out
Our Street
London Works
An Exchange of Views

In Progress


I am a spatial practitioner focusing on participatory strategies. I am interested in the city as a meeting place: in how its public spaces provide opportunities for exchange, and how design processes can allow residents and other inhabitants to learn about others, forge new partnerships, and have a hand in directing the environmental changes affecting them.

I understand design as not a primarily aesthetic discipline, but one that also facilitates bridge-building and communication. I combine research and academic teaching with spatial practice, having delivered projects at all scales from bench to masterplan for a wide range of complex client bodies including many local authorities.


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