Ideas on making space for as wide a range of users as possible. On enabling participation in public life. On addressing inherent conflicts. On manifesting the possibilities and the joy of living together in a city.


Inside Out
Home Comforts on the Move
A Street To Draw On
Look Out
The Moving Corridor
A Car-free London?
Designing Empathy
The Proprietor
The Extended Bauhaus
Is it Play?
The Companionable Bench
Peripheral Vision
Our Street
Fairer Futures
Let's Talk About Darmstadt Pt II
An Exchange of Views
Child in the City
Toward New Spitalfields
London Works

In Progress


I am a spatial practitioner focusing on participatory strategies. I am interested in the city as a meeting place: in how its public spaces provide opportunities for exchange, and how design processes can allow residents and other inhabitants to learn about others, forge new partnerships, and have a hand in directing the environmental changes affecting them.

I understand design as not a primarily aesthetic discipline, but one that also facilitates bridge-building and communication. I combine research and academic teaching with spatial practice, having delivered projects at all scales from bench to masterplan for a wide range of complex client bodies including many local authorities.


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